DJs and Producers Can Now Make Money Through SoundCloud

SoundCloud has announced that DJs and producers will now be able to earn revenue for the “sets, remixes and other forms of creative works” they have shared on the platform. The press release on their blog announced the expansion of SoundCloud Premier, inviting DJs and producers to join the program and thus get paid for their work.

This new announcement is the latest in a series of initiatives by the streaming service to become more DJ-friendly. Due to copyright infringement and illegal sampling, many users faced their mixes and sets being taken down from the site as its popularity grew. However, in late December of last year, founder Eric Wahlforss announced that SoundCloud would no longer be removing mixes.

SoundCloud Premier was created in 2o14, originally intended for “creators” to make money from the music they post on SoundCloud while building an online following. It is still an invite-only program, but users can contact SoundCloud if they are interested in taking part.


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