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Video: Sleaford Mods – “Moptop”

Sleaford Mods‘ new album English Tapas was released this past Friday, and the duo return this morning with a video for “Moptop,” their sparky send-up of pro-Brexit politician Boris Johnson’s ridiculous hair. In a statement, singer Jason Williamson described the song as “based around the disgusting lie that is Boris Johnson, the wannabe Churchill (we don’t need another one),” as well as “the void that is modern music, internet attention spans, one-dimensional acts, and the current trend of reformed bands looking to cash in with PR heavy assaults that try to conceal their pointlessness.”

The “Moptop” video finds the Mods hosting a very small rave in a darkened kitchen, with musician Andrew Fearn sporting a “Still Hate Thatcher” t-shirt. Watch below.