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The Who’s Roger Daltrey Is the Latest Aging Rock Star to Have a Bad Political Opinion

INDIO, CA - OCTOBER 16: Musician Roger Daltrey of The Who perform during Desert Trip at the Empire Polo Field on October 16, 2016 in Indio, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Earlier this week, Johnny Rotten gave an interview with ITV where he said some truly dumb-assed shit about Donald Trump. Trump was a “joy to behold,” he said. Trump was “a possible friend,” he opined. The irony of one of the progenitors of punk rock caping for a billionaire racist was widely remarked upon, and shared across the internet. Now, another aging rock star has been asked his opinions on Trump and the state of politics: The Who‘s Roger Daltrey, who caught up with the NME right as the UK was set to trigger Article 50, officially signaling the country’s exit from the European Union.

Here’s what Daltrey said about Trump: “His fucking haircut! He needs it cut and as my mother would say, ‘wash your fucking mouth out.'” Good, good… so far.

He went on: “On other pieces of politics, let’s put it this way: when you say that middle America and the Democrats lost it, but Trump didn’t really win it—because Democrats threw it away by putting [Hilary Clinton] up. A dead dog would have won it against [her], look at that.” Roger, this is not true.

He also had some Brexit opinions: “We are getting out, and when the dust settles I think that it’ll be seen that it’s the right thing for this country to have done, that’s for sure… It’s got nothing to do with any of the immigration issues or any of that for me. It was to do with much more. The majority of this country felt that their voices weren’t being heard. … I’m sad we voted how we voted, but I think we have to go with it now.”

Roger Daltrey, a 73-year old millionaire who once sang a song called “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” continued: “This country will always be alright, I don’t worry about it. You know it’s going to be bumpy on the way – we expected that; the ones that voted to get out. But Iceland had it a bit bumpy when they went bankrupt, but oh not now.”

It’s just one man’s opinion, but rock n’ roll heroes past a certain age should rigorously interrogate themselves before they talk in public.

CORRECTION: This post originally stated Daltrey wrote “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” when in fact he only sang it. SPIN regrets the error.