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Martha Stewart Plays Rick Ross’ Publicist For a Day

It’s safe to say that Rick Ross enjoys the art of Mr. Brainwash (born Thierry Guetta), the hack Banksy imitator featured in the street art documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. In advance of his new album Rather You Than Me, out March 17, Ross is doing press appearances for the album featuring a pop-up gallery of the French artist’s works; Brainwash–also responsible for the garish art for the Mastermind deluxe edition–designed the album cover for this one, too.

Though we’ve seen footage of Brainwash’s photo shoot for the album–and what we thought was its bad cover–Ross allowed his apparent pal Martha Stewart to unveil the genuine article for him today on Twitter:

Squint and you’ll see Brainwash’s–or as Ross likes to call him on social media, “Boss Basel”‘s–handiwork in Martha’s clutches. Looks like Stewart and Rozay must have stayed friends–or at least, partners in meme crime–after stopped by her still-enduring VH1 cooking show with Snoop Dogg for a weirdly flirtatious appearance last year.

Rather You Than Me is, for better or worse, out March 17. Listen to Ross’ most recent single from the album, “I Think She Like Me” (ft. Ty Dolla $ign), below.