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New Music: PWR BTTM – “Answer My Text”

PWR BTTM have released the second single from their upcoming sophomore album, Pageant. “Answer My Text” pits teen angst against the perils of technology, a response to the mind-games of social media and “read” receipts. It’s relatable for anyone tackling a flaky suitor, conveying the trauma of overthinking text messages and over-interpreting social interactions.

Singer Liv Bruce’s anger is sarcastic but also dead serious. From the first line “I sweat out 7 pounds in water weight / just asking for your number” to the simple, acidic chorus “Answer my text, you dick!” the song leaves very little unsaid. In a sense, it sounds like the band actually prides itself in finally saying everything.

Pageant is out May 12th. Check out the quirky, illustrated lyric video below.