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Watch Lorde’s Charming Parody of “Green Light” As a Song About Creme Eggs

Lorde was a recent guest on BBC Radio 1’s The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw, where she was conscripted into doing something mildly embarrassing but actually very funny: singing a parody of her comeback single, “Green Light,” which is about her “first major heartbreak.” BBC Radio host Nick Grimshaw brought up that one of Lorde’s favorite snacks is the Creme Egg, an honestly unnatural candy where a goopy, sugary goo is encased within a chocolate egg shell. He then got Lorde to sing an alternate version of “Green Light” about her love of Creme Eggs, complete with parody lyrics and all, over the original instrumental. (“I’m waiting for it / That Creme Egg, I want it.”)

Was it staged? Well, yeah: There’s no way Lorde’s team would’ve let her get on air without being aware of the stunt, which might have seemed insulting to an artist with a worse sense of humor. It’s a very big ask to get an artist to “Weird Al” their own song in real time, especially when it’s about something as serious as “Green Light.” But hey, Lorde got into it, and the result is pretty charming. Watch it below. [Billboard]

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