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Fleet Foxes Announce New Album Crack-Up, Share Nine-Minute Epic “Third of May / Ōdaigahara”

After six years of relative silence, Fleet Foxes have announced their third album Crack-Up and shared the lead single, a nine-minute suite called “Third of May / ?daigahara.” Crack-Up, written entirely by frontman Robin Pecknold and produced by bandmate Skyler Skjelset, will be released by Nonesuch Records on June 16.

The first two thirds of “Third of May / ?daigahara” will be immediately familiar to Fleet Foxes fans, and the final section is comprised of drifting and psychedelic acoustic music that sounds a little like Sung Tongs-era Animal Collective. Speaking of which, Fleet Foxes will play several dates with AnCo to support Crack-Up, as well as others with Beach House–a kind of all-stars of indie circa 2009 reunion tour. Hear the new song below, and check out the Crack-Up album art, tracklist, and tour dates after that.

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Crack-Up Tracklist

1. I Am All That I Need / Arroyo Seco / Thumbprint Scar
2. Cassius, –
3. – Naiads, Cassadies
4. Kept Woman
5. Third of May / ?daigahara
6. If You Need To, Keep Time on Me
7. Mearcstapa
8. On Another Ocean (January / June)
9. Fool’s Errand
10. I Should See Memphis
11. Crack-Up