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Suspect in Fetty Wap Robbery Arrested After Posing With His Chain on Instagram

On Sunday morning, Fetty Wap was a robbery victim in his own hometown of Paterson, New Jersey. Three people were shot, though the injuries weren’t life-threatening, and Fetty himself escaped the violence. Now, an arrest has been made due to an ill-advised Instagram post.

Raheem Thomas was booked after posting a picture to Instagram of himself posing with Fetty’s easily recognizable 1738 chain, which was stolen during the incident. TMZ reports that Thomas claims he didn’t actually steal the jewelry, only that he took a picture with it. Regardless, he’s been booked on gun charges.

Fetty and Thomas reportedly have long-stemming music beef that climaxed with Sunday morning’s shootout. TMZ points to a Fetty diss track released by Thomas’ Muscle Team Entertainment.

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