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Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Narrates Trailer for UFO Documentary by American Movie‘s Mark Borchardt

You might not like his music, or you may clown his beardo Indie-Rock-Man image, but let it never be said that Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon does not have good taste in art. The newest project Vernon has rallied behind is the newest movie by UFO obsessive, character actor, and filmmaker Mark Borchardt, a true treasure of Vernon’s home state of Wisconsin and protagonist of the beloved cult favorite American Movie

Vernon provides a voiceover for the trailer for The Dundee Project, which according to IMDB is just the second project Borchardt has directed since his horror film Coven, itself the subject of American Movie. (He helmed a Big D and the Kids Table video in 2007.) It’s a documentary about a UFO festival in small-town Wisconsin, and it looks like it’s going to be as eccentric and charming as American Movie devotees might hope it will be. Watch the trailer, featuring Justin Vernon’s bassy, dramatic narration, below, courtesy of Found Footage Fest.