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Please Enjoy This Video of Ansel Elgort and Scott Storch “Making Smashes” In the Studio

Pop music thrives on superstar collaborations—Rihanna and Drake, Taylor Swift and Zayn, The Weeknd and Daft Punk, and, of course, Ansel Elgort and Scott Storch.

Elgort—the movie star who cosplays as an EDM DJ—and Storch—the one-time pop mega-producer who cosplays as a current-day pop mega-producer—are in the studio “making smashes,” per a video uploaded to Storch’s Instagram account, which itself appears to be ripped from Elgort’s Snapchat. “He’s a beast,” says the text over Elgort’s original snap as the camera pans over to Storch, who is tapping out a talkbox-y funk beat on a keyboard while bobbing his head maniacally.

This video enters the pantheon of amazing short videos of latter-day Scott Storch making beats, joining the legendary clip of him playing a pounding EDM riff while getting a haircut, smoking a cigarette, and, as always, headbanging.