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Watch the Trailer for Al Gore’s Trump-Focused Sequel to An Inconvenient Truth

The first full trailer for Al Gore‘s sequel to his popular 2006 climate-change documentary An Inconvenient Truth has been released. Judging by the clip, the awkwardly-titled An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power will focus on how those who believe in global warming and are fighting to do damage control can continue to make a difference, even while working in Donald Trump‘s shadow. The film, directed by Bonni Cohen and Jon Schenk, is out in theaters on July 28.

The clip begins by highlighting some of the progress that has been made by world leaders previously in moving toward renewable energy–it shows footage of negotiations for the Paris Agreement, as well as illustrating how prescient one of Gore’s original film’s predictions about flooding at the World Trade Center site proved to be during Hurricane Sandy.

“Don’t let anybody tell you we’re gonna get on rocket ships and live on Mars,” Gore demurs at the end of the trailer, in his iconic Southern drawl. “This is our home.” Up yours, Elon Musk!

The trailer is slightly heartening but mostly a depressing watch in the wake of Trump’s executive order to pull back Obama-era restrictions on coal companies, which was signed just two days ago. Watch the trailer below.