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Why Is Bono Meeting With Mike Pence?

Irish rockers U2 have had their share of presidential milestones, most recently scoring Obama’s walk-out music for the President’s farewell address. And, while they do have a big upcoming arena tour, Bono (Woman of the Year) carries the distinction of being some kind of personified NGO. It is Bono’s burden to meet with foreign dignitaries. And that burden fell to Bono once again, over the weekend: he had a simpering little meet-and-greet with Vice President Mike Pence.

Bono was in Germany to give a speech on third-world extremism to the Munich Security Conference. Apparently, Pence was there two. A third party probably thought it was a good idea for them to meet. You can see in this video below, posted to ABC News’ twitter, that neither has much clue what it is they’re doing together. Why Bono doesn’t just call Pence a coward and drop it there is a mystery. Leave it to the Brits to have some manners.

But the Associated Press reports that Bono, whose RED project has aimed to combat the global AIDS crisis, praised Pence for voting twice (!) for measures that provided medicines to African nations, when Pence was on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. After that display, “reporters were then ushered away,” according to the AP.

It is not known if the AIDS epidemic in Pence’s home state, for which he is blamed, was mentioned.