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Watch Chance the Rapper’s “Same Drugs” Video, Which He Premiered on Facebook Live

Chance the Rapper announced the premiere of his newest music video today via a perplexing Tweet asking: “Does anyone have Facebook Live?” (Chance, if you didn’t know what Facebook Live is, and that you don’t have to “have” it–it comes with Facebook and requires only clicking a ‘play’ button to watch– you wouldn’t be premiering your new video on it.)

The clip turned out to be a live broadcast of a new video from “Same Drugs,” a standout from last year’s Coloring Book. The bulk of the clip features Chance playing a luminous white grand piano and sharing the bench with a Muppet-like friend nuzzling up against his shoulder and singing Eryn Allen Kane’s part.

Watch it below.

Here’s what Chance had to say about the premiere.