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Thor Harris Banned From Twitter for Posting Useful Tutorial on How to Punch a Nazi

Musician and former Swans member Thor Harris recently posted a nice video explaining how to properly punch a Nazi in the face. Despite his advising people at the clip’s start not to punch a Nazi unless you absolutely have to (“Peaceful protest is much better”), Twitter suspended Harris’s account, presumably because some scared Nazis complained. Luckily, Xiu Xiu reposted the video in solidarity. So how do you safely and effectively punch a Nazi, according to Harris? “Hold your wrist straight like this, otherwise you can hurt your wrist,” he says. “You want to keep your elbow loose and just launch your fist through the face. You don’t want to stop at the face, you want to punch to an imaginary place behind [the face].” Solid advice. Watch the video below.

UPDATE 8:07 pm: Thor has been reinstated.