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Stevie Wonder Says He’s Going to “Reveal the Truth” About His Sight

Stevie Wonder isn’t actually blind” is a wonderful conspiracy theory. Nevertheless, it’s almost certainly not true. But today, TMZ posted a video of a recent interaction with Wonder, where they asked about the possibility of the legendary singer starring in his own reality show. Probably not, Wonder said, though he’d use the money to buy a few new planes… and when the TMZ interviewer asked if he’d fly the planes himself, Wonder said yes. In fact, he’s flown a few times, and landed the plane. In fact: “This year, I will reveal the truth,” Wonder said about his sight.

Now, the chances that Wonder wasn’t just fucking with the doofus TMZ guy are pretty low. Even so, it’s a new piece of fat for the conspiracy theorists to chew on. Watch the shocking interaction below: