Rivers Cuomo Will Continue to Sing In Japanese on New Scott & Rivers Songs

Do you hate this?

It’s a song called “Homely Girl,” mostly sung by Rivers Cuomo in Japanese–save the to-the-point chorus and “rock star.” The track comes from the largely-forgotten 2013 album titled Scott & Rivers, a collaboration between the Weezer frontman and Scott Murphy (of the Chicago-based pop-punk band Allister) that was released on a Japanese imprint of Universal.

If you hate it, you’re not going to like what I have to tell you. Last night, Rivers tweeted that there are now more of these Japanese songs, sung by these aging white men, in the works:


We ran the tweet through a few translators, and here’s the best composite of our results: “Scott and Rivers 2nd album is a nice feeling! – From Beard Twins”


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