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An Official Notorious B.I.G. Documentary Is in the Works

An official Notorious B.I.G. documentary was announced Monday night at the Berlin Film Festival, Variety reports. Notorious B.I.G.: One More Chance will be directed by Emmett Malloy and Brendan Malloy, and will be made with the full cooperation of the late rapper’s estate and his mother, Voletta Wallace.

It’s unclear when the documentary will be released, but it joins a number of other B.I.G. projects pegged to the 20th anniversary of his death in 1997. Last year, it was announced that the muders of Tupac and Biggie would be the subjects of a new true crime series and a movie starring Johnny Depp. Earlier this month, two songs were released from a new Faith Evans and Notorious B.I.G. album that’s set to drop in May.