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New Music: Tim Heidecker – “Trump Talkin’ Nukes”

Tim Heidecker is the latest contributor to the Our First 100 Days song project. The Tim and Eric comedian and singer-songwriter’s new song “Trump Talkin’ Nukes” is, obviously, one of the most explicitly topical entries into the series. It’s unsurprising territory for Heidecker, who has previously released numerous Trump-related songs, including a RNC-inspired song from the perspective of Donald Trump’s private pilot (later covered by Father John Misty), a somber election post-mortem, and a Warren-Zevon-esque tribute to punching Richard Spencer in the face. (Heidecker is also notorious for feuding regularly with Trump supporters on Twitter as far back as 2012, and eventually being blocked by the now-POTUS.)

Heidecker’s newest Trump song–a somber piano-rocker–is a meditation on America’s fascination with violence and nuclear war. It seems to be explicitly autobiographical, judging by the birth year of 1976 Heidecker begins the song with and the small-town mise en scène of the childhood, Reagan-era scenes he describes, playing “war games” and turning garden tools into weapons.