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Here’s the Only Good Lena Dunham Interview

Lena Dunham is often criticized for giving foot-in-mouth interviews, but she’s finally managed to do one that’s just fine. The final season of Girls, her documentary series about horrible Brooklynites, begins on Sunday. To promote the premiere, Dunham appeared on Today to talk with Maria Shriver, and accidentally threw the set into chaos when she uttered a very, very prohibited word on air.

“You saw a penis, right?” Dunham asked, after Shriver said she’d watched the first few episodes. Shriver, who said she wasn’t raised to say words like that in public, basically melted down, turning into a stuttering glitch of smiles and side turns to Matt Lauer, who wanted absolutely none of it. The camera began to zoom around the Today set, cutting between Lauer’s pointed avoidance, Shriver’s nervous laughing, and Dunham’s frequent apologies.

It’s honestly not that big of a deal, but the awkward confusion is at least as amusing as anything that will happen on the new Girls. Watch it below.