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Here’s Bob Odenkirk Impersonating Stephen Colbert Impersonating Him

Bob Odenkirk, quietly one of the funniest middle-aged men working in comedy, stopped by The Late Show on Wednesday to promote his new Netflix movie Girlfriend’s Day and pal around with friend. During the interview, Odenkirk shared a clip of himself starring in a made-up project called The Late Show: The Movie. In the “movie,” Odenkirk plays a grumpy, disgruntled Colbert who only wants to talk about the darkness of the world. Colbert shows up later and–you guessed it–plays Odenkirk. “This celebrity chit-chat bores me,” says Odenkirk-as-Colbert. “Can we talk about something more serious … like what do you think it feels like after you’re dead?”

Then Colbert-as-Odenkirk plays Colbert in a clip of the movie … within the movie … and, as the cutaways keep coming, they both descend deeper into The Matrix. There’s some good wig-play, and even double-wig-play. This video is good, wholesome, and funny. And since almost everything else is not good these days, we thought you could use a laugh. Watch the clip below.