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Watch: Somehow Guy Fieri Ended Up Onstage With the Hot Boys

The annual NBA All-Star Game takes place tonight. Through the weekend, all sorts of celebrities have flocked to New Orleans, where the game is being held, to enjoy the cluster of festivities that accompanies the basketball spectacle. Last night, LeBron James hosted a Beats-sponsored event, and brought out the Hot Boys—the former rap group consisting of Lil WayneJuvenile, and Turk—to perform. (Cash Money‘s Mannie Fresh was also on hand.) They went through a bunch of songs; at one point, 2 Chainz even came out to guest on a few tracks.

Oh yeah, and there was another guest star: Guy Fieri. The mayor of Flavortown was, for some reason, hanging out during the performance, nestled in the back of the stage. Many publications have covered the impromptu Hot Boys reunion, but Fieri’s silent role in the fun has gone strangely unnoticed. Anyways, here’s a bunch of videos of Fieri bobbing his head to the music, which you are invited to enjoy.

Here he is enjoying “Loyal”:

Here is he enjoying “Go DJ”:

Here he is enjoying “Still Fly”:

I wonder what he and Weezy talked about.