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Robin Pecknold Says a New Fleet Foxes Song Is Coming “In a Few Days”

Yesterday, Fleet Foxes‘ Robin Pecknold revealed that a new “long song” from the band will be coming in just a “few days.” Whether that means this week or next, we’re not quite certain. But Pecknold turned a moody post, captioned “Emoting passive aggressively,” into a fan Q&A. He said the new album is still a few months out, but we should expect the new track in due time. It’ll be the still-unnamed album’s fifth song, out of 11 tracks, totaling 56 minutes. He characterizes the record as “car, maxed, road trip, sunset” album, as opposed to a headphones or speakers record.

It’s been six years since the last Fleet Foxes record, and fans are lapping up the possibility of new material. They also couldn’t help but to throw a few more curveballs Pecknold’s way, when he started opening up. Other snippets from this impromptu conversation include:

His favorite tracks on the new Dirty Projectors LP: “Still listening / digesting but maybe Work Together for like dazzle and new feeling and I See You for heart / that organ melody”

Which cheese best represents him as a human: “gouletda” [sic]

Thoughts on his receding hairline: “I think my days are numbered”

On comparing the new record to the band’s past LPs: “feels like a growth beyond both to me but with enough elements retained so as to still be the same project / idea”

His top Five bands of the moment: “I’ve been really busy and out of the loop. Lately just listening to Nina Simone”

His feelings on releasing new material: “I’m excited”

How this Instagram post turned into a Reddit AMA: “NY cold / I am alone”

Here’s a screenshot of the new song news:

Robin Pecknold Says a New Fleet Foxes Song Is Coming


Emoting passive aggressively

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