Donald Trump Tells Audience to Pray for The Apprentice‘s Ratings at the National Prayer Breakfast

(Photo by ABC News Twitter)

Since Eisenhower, every American president has attended the National Prayer Breakfast, a D.C. institution for over half a century. Unlike other White House photo-ops, the NPB is not just a meal with speeches, but a collection of meetings and events attended by several thousand people, including dignitaries from around the globe.

As with the mind-boggling riddle Trump used to “honor” Black History Month yesterday, his NPB oration was entirely without substance and had precious little to do with what you might expect a president to say at such a thing—i.e. the need for unity across faiths, the achievement of America’s religious leaders, etc. Instead, because his day-ones Mark Burnett and Roma Downey–Trump’s co-producers on The Apprentice–had introduced him, the President decided the National Prayer Breakfast was the perfect time for him to divert attention back to television. Specifically, he had a suggestion for a religious activity the group could engage in together: “praying” for new host Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “terrible ratings”. Here’s the relevant part of that portion of the speech:

Arnold had a few words of response on Twitter this morning, in the form of a simple suggestion:

Seems about as reasonable a proposition as anything else. You can watch the tragicomedic spectacle in its entirety via Mediaite/CNN.


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