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David Bowie Fans Want to Raise $1.2 Million to Build Lightning Bolt Statue in London

Diehard David Bowie fans are hoping to raise $1.2 million to build a 90-foot-tall sculpture modeled on the lightning bolt from the cover of Aladdin Sane in the late singer’s hometown of Brixton, London. While the project has been endorsed by Bowie’s official website, it still has a long time to go before reaching its goal; as of this writing, just over $21,000 had been raised for the statue. But if another $1.1 million or so is somehow donated, the “gravity-defying” red and blue-sprayed stainless steel bolt–nicknamed ZiggyZag–reportedly has the support of several local artists and the local council. Of course, there may be better places to give one’s money.

A mockup of the statue is below, and you can read more about the memorial here.


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