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Watch a Fake NSYNC Sing to Fake Britney Spears in This Weird as Hell Lifetime Movie

The latest Lifetime Original biopic about a famous pop musician will be Britney Ever After, which is a tale of Britney Spears‘ entire career to date. Ahead of its premiere this Saturday (February 18), E! has shared a musical sequence from the film, in which a Lifetime Original version of NSYNC performs “Happy Birthday” for Britney (Natasha Bassett of Camp fame) in an uncomfortable, Marilyn Monroe-JFK kind of scenario.

“You’re one year older, girl,” injects fake, frosted-tipped Justin Timberlake. Britney, in a fierce Southern drawl, reacts with a “dang.” Watch the clip via E! to get nervous palpitations, and the movie’s full trailer below.