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They’re Already Talking About Reviving American Idol

After a 15-season run, American Idol ended last year. Now, Variety reports there’s already talks of a revival.

NBC, who already has the singing reality show The Voice, pitched the idea to Idol producer Fremantle. The executives are reportedly thinking about how Idol would work into NBC’s schedule and are considering cutting The Voice from two cycles a year to one.

To be frank, American Idol ended because people grew tired of it. The final season averaged  9.1 million viewers, which is about a fourth of its peak in 2006, according to the same Variety report. But American Idol isn’t the only long-running reality series with a false ending: In December, America’s Next Top Model rebooted with Rita Ora as host after it “ended” the previous year.

American Idol’s possible reboot seems even more wrongheaded given the fact that The Voice is struggling, too—the series rating is reportedly down 19 percent from last fall.