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Video: Young Thug’s “Wyclef Jean” Video Makes Chicken Salad From Expensive Chicken Shit

The video shoot for “Wyclef Jean” was a bit of a disaster. Young Thug, the video’s star, came to the shoot 10 hours late and didn’t shoot any scenes. He found out his Instagram had been hacked as he arrived and left shortly after. As a result, the only video shots of Young Thug are a few self-directed scenes of him cavorting in an airport and eating Cheetos. It’s not a great use of a $100,000 budget.

But limitations breed creativity. Director Ryan Staake put together a video that features running textual commentary of the mess, some of the planned B-roll, a shot of children and models destroying a police car, and meddling real police officers. The result is four minutes of meta-brilliance. Watch the “Wyclef Jean” video below.