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WikiHow Apologizes for Illustrating Barack Obama, Jay Z, and Beyoncé as White, Explains How it Happened

Let it be known that the BeyHive is also a sharp investigative force. A fan account noticed that the WikiHow guide for “How to become a Congressman” looks awfully similar to a photo of Jay Z and Beyoncé politicking with Barack Obama at a 2012 fundraiser. In fact, the main differences are that Jay Z has been replaced with sports commentator Troy Aikman, Barack Obama has been substituted for Dave Chappelle in whiteface, and Beyoncé is white. Step 1 to becoming a congressman is to be white, according to WikiHow.

The irrefutable evidence and the subsequent criticism forced WikiHow into apologizing through a Twitter thread. If you let them tell it, the mishap—a 3-year-old drawing—happened because an illustrator didn’t know the race of the picture’s inspiration, so the artist decided to color the original sketch peach white. Now, people are mad and WikiHow is too. “When we saw the whitewashed image of Obama, Jay Z & Beyoncé, we were disgusted & ashamed,” the website said in the Twitter statement. “It never should have been on wikiHow.”

The site also notes that it’s working with its illustrators to “encourage diversity,” which seems like a good place to start: You need to bleach your skin to do a lot of things right, according to WikiHow. The good news is at least they didn’t piss off Obama; he still follows them on Twitter.