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Video: Chrysta Bell & David Lynch – “Beat the Beat”

Today, ethereal singer and David Lynch collaborator Chrysta Bell unchains the third and final video from her October EP, Somewhere in the Nowhere. With Italian subtitles, a filthy late-night vibe, and a sense of purgatory, the video plays like a dark, dive-bar fever dream. Bell and Lynch wrote the music together, and previously worked on an LP, in addition to her featuring in the upcoming reboot of Twin Peaks. If you’re itching for “impending doom,” this clip should hold you over until Lynch and Bell unite again for the show, in May.

Ever the collaborative spirit, Chrysta Bell also has a new LP in the works, featuring Adrian Utley of Portishead, Geoff Downes of Asia, and Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O))). The record is titled We Dissolve and was produced by John Parish. We Dissolve drops this spring.