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Trump Cuddle Buddy Jimmy Fallon Cracks Jokes About His Favorite Fascist

Last time we checked in on Jimmy Fallon, he was playing apocalypse court jester with Donald Trump, mussing the big guy’s hair and working hard to show America the warm, fuzzy side of a man who hadn’t yet become president and enacted a Muslim ban. Now that Trump is in power and actually doing all the horrible things he promised he’d do, little Jimmy maybe feels a tiny bit bad, and he’s giving penance by making jokes about the president on his late-night show.

Fallon squeezed in a single good joke in his Trump impersonation segment on last night’s Tonight Show, drawing balls from a bingo cage as if he were selecting cabinet appointees: “If the ball is white, I nominate a Wall Street insider. If the ball is black, I nominate Ben Carson.” Other than that, it was a straight ripoff of Alec Baldwin’s famous Trump bits, minus the actual laughs. Fallon treats Trump as a wacky but basically harmless avuncular character, rather than the evil maniac he actually is. If he wants to make up for the noogie incident, he’ll have to be a little more cutting, and a little funnier.