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This Guy Named Goober Got “TRUMP” Tattooed on His Throat to Battle “Haters”

That there is the throat of Brian Williamson, aka Goober, of Lubbock, Tex. As you can see he got “TRUMP” tattooed right across his Adam’s apple in big, black font. He explains, via Everything Lubbock:

“It’s a heck of a conversational piece,” he said.

He said he decided to add the new ink because his “Trump” hoodie and hat just weren’t enough.

“Whether I put it on my truck, they’ll vandalize my truck. Put it on the house, they’ll come after the house,” he explained.

So making the statement on his body was the next logical thing for him.”Whether you dislike the man you still can’t deny him,” Williamson said.”I get a lot of ‘are you worried about your life?'” he mentioned, but said he was “very proud” of the bold text across his neck.

He said he “almost went toe-to-toe” in his own front yard with “some haters” in the neighborhood.

Seems like a good plan all-around.

[via our friend Barry]