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Singles Soundtrack’s 25th Anniversary Reissue Will Have Unreleased Recordings from Paul Westerberg, Chris Cornell, Mudhoney

Twenty five years ago, Warner Bros. released a Matt Dillon-starring romcom called Singles, which followed young gen-X’ers navigating the rigamarole of romance. The flick also had a stacked soundtrack that featured contributions from Pearl Jam, the Replacements’ Paul Westerberg, and Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell.

With an anniversary coming up, Singles will see a two-disc reissue that features unreleased material from Westerberg, Mudhoney, and Cornell. The bonus material also features “Touch Me I’m Dick,” which is performed by Dillon’s Pearl Jam-featuring fictional band Citizen Dick. View the bonus disc’s track list and a Citizen Dick scene below. The reissue is due May 19.

Singles bonus disc track list: 

1. Citizen Dick, “Touch Me I’m Dick”
2. Chris Cornell, “Nowhere But You”
3. Chris Cornell, “Spoon Man”
4. Chris Cornell, “Flutter Girl”
5. Chris Cornell: “Missing”
6. Alice in Chains, “Would? (Live)”
7. Alice in Chains, “It Ain’t Like That (Live)”
8. Soundgarden, “Birth Ritual (Live)”
9. Paul Westerberg, “Dyslexic Heart” (Acoustic)
10. Paul Westerberg, “Waiting for Somebody (Score Acoustic)”
11. Mudhoney, “Overblown (Demo)”
12. Truly, “Heart and Lungs”
13. Blood Circus, “Six Foot Under”
14. Mike McCready, “Singles Blues 1”
15. Paul Westerberg, “Blue Heart”
16. Paul Westerberg, “Lost in Emily’s Words”
17. Chris Cornell, “Ferry Boat #3”
18. Chris Cornell, “Score Piece #4”