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S U R V I V E (of Stranger Things Fame) Release Free Music Bundle on BitTorrent

S U R V I V E, the Austin synth tinkerers behind the indelible soundtrack for Stranger Things, are poised for a big 2017 with Coachella and Panorama appearances planned, along with a performance of the ST soundtrack at North Carolina’s Moogfest this summer.

To kick off their busy year, the band has released a free bundle of old and unreleased media as a collaboration with BitTorrent: There’s a track from their 2012 album HD009, two tracks from their RR7349 album of last year, and an unreleased live set from 2009.  The premium bundle version includes files of 2 recent music videos and placement on an exclusive mailing list (no payment required, just an email address).

Download the “S U R V I V E – Mix” bundles here, and listen to one of the RR7349 tracks included, “Wardencylffe,” below.