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Ryan Adams Announces Prisoner: End of the World Edition Box Set, Featuring Action Figures

Ryan Adams has released two of the 12 songs on his upcoming full-length Prisoner, which is out February 17. But there’s a lot more waiting in the wings apparently: Adams announced today that he is releasing a limited-edition, $150 box set version of the record entitled, fittingly, Prisoner: End of the World Edition.

This version of the album, available to order tomorrow, will include 17 more songs (B-sides and outtakes from the album proper), 7″ versions of every song on the record, and action figures (weird, two-dimensional cutout thingees) of Adams, his band, a cat, a tiger, and pedal board.

Included is a copy of the single Adams recorded straight to vinyl from a Voice-O-Graph machine last year.

Look at images of this aggressively lavish item below, courtesy of Adams’ label Pax Am Records.

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