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Paul Ryan to Dabbing Teen: “Are You Gonna Sneeze, Is That It?”

Today, Speaker Paul Ryan led the ceremonial swearing-in for new House members of the 115th Congress. As Roger Marshall, a freshmen Republican Representative-elect from Kansas’s 1st district, stood with his family and Ryan waiting to be photographed with his hand on the bible, the teenaged man standing in the center of the group—Marshall’s son?–grinned, lifted up his left arm and began to dab.

“You alright?” an annoyed Ryan asks.

“I’m alright,” the teen answers, still dabbing and grinng.

A few seconds later.

“Will you put your hand down?” Ryan asked.

“Okay, okay, alright,” the teen says.

“He’s sneezing,” his dad, the new congressman, suggests.

“Are you going to sneeze?” Ryan asks. “Is that it?”

“Yeah,” the grinning teen replies.

“He’s sneezing,” his dad says again.

There may be hope for our democracy after all.