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Opal Tapes Releases Contemporary Dance Compilation

Among the heaviest entries in the 2017 catalog so far is Contemporary Dance, the new compilation from English experimental label Opal Tapes. It’s the first release of the year from the label, featuring the likes of Perfume Advert, Patricia, Clouds, MCMXCI, and more than a dozen others. The compilation dropped on Friday, in both digital and physical formats. The physical iteration comes in an extremely limited edition two-tape box (there are only 96!), and only a few of those remain for the carnivorous cassette collectors out there.

Here’s the brutal sampler. How you dance to it is up to you.

And the full tracklist:

1. Happa & Pete Martell – NR Off
2. Lumisokea – Jenseits (Dub)
3. Stefan Jós – Drinking From The Well
4. Emra Grid – Overhead Lume
5. Perfume Advert – Emotion Engine
6. Lyubocha – Antipatiya
7. Patricia – Static Scene
8. CAO – Black Jungle For Geometrist
9. Manse – Athletics
10. Cop Envy – Cue Two
11. DJ Ford Foster – This Track Is 4 U
12. Annanan (with Maroje) – Tired Of You
13. Clouds – Peder Skram
14. Metrist – Assume I Do It All On Purpose
15. E-Saggila – Assisting God
16. $$$TAG$$$ – 60B
17. MCMXCI – Begin Harassment
18. XDCVR – X