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NYC Punks Show Me the Body Say Coachella Put Them on Lineup After They Declined to Play

If you squint a little at the newly revealed lineup flyer for Coachella 2017, you’ll see the tiny name of a band called Show Me the Body under bigger ones like Kendrick Lamar, Lorde, and Justice. Show Me the Body put on an insanely energetic live show, and I’m sure those Coachella attendees who weren’t immediately freaked out by scuzzy rap-inflected punk rock with screaming and distorted banjo would have loved them. But they’re the kind of band that can usually be found playing all-ages warehouse shows that immediately get raided by the cops, not sunny corporate festivals, so it was a little weird to see them on the bill.

It turns out Show Me the Body aren’t playing Coachella after all. This afternoon, the band alleged on Twitter that Coachella’s organizers put their name on the bill after they’d declined an invitation to play. It’s unclear whether this was a simple miscommunication or there’s something fishier going on. We reached out to a representative of the band for comment, who told us “everything they wanted to say is in the tweets.”

Watch Show Me the Body’s “New Language” video below and see what the Coachella crowd is missing.