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New Music – Priests: “Nothing Feels Natural”

After sharing the gnarled “JJ” and Sleater-Kinneyian “Pink White House,” the D.C. punk quartet Priests give us “Nothing Feels Natural,” the title track from their upcoming debut full-length. “Nothing Feels Natural” is decidedly more melodic than the two songs that preceded it, with vocalist Katie Alice Greer singing about dissatisfaction and depression over an instrumental that splits the difference between The Smiths and “Ceremony”-era New Order.

“This band has never been a hobby or something we do when there’s nothing better to do, so in times when it feels like things aren’t working, my entire life feels like it’s not working,” Greer wrote in a press release that accompanied the song. “This song came out of that feeling.” Listen to “Nothing Feels Natural” below.

Nothing Feels Natural arrives 1/27 via Sister Polygon.