New Music: Pissed Jeans – “Ignorecam”

Each of the last two great albums from Pennsylvania scuzz merchants Pissed Jeans had a single whose chorus consisted mainly of frontman Matt Korvette vocally approximating all-caps keyboard-mashing. “False Jesii Part 2,” from 2009’s King of Jeans, went like this: “AGGHRAHAYAHAYAUGH.” And “Bathroom Laughter,” from 2013’s Honeys, was more like: “RAAUUUUUUUUGHAH.”

After today’s release of “Ignorecam,” the gnarly second single from their forthcoming album Why Love Now, we still don’t have a classic Jeans prevocal throat-shredding hook. (They released “The Bar Is Low” in November.) On “Ignorecam”‘s coda, Korvette’s sexy caveman office drone persona has learned some words and letters, but he can’t quite get them in the right order. “I-G-N-O-R-E Me! G-I-N-R-O-E Me! G-N-I-E-R-O Me! N-O-R-G-I-E Me,” he sings, and so on. Listen below.



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