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New Music: Baked – “Stay”

“Stay,” a new song from the Brooklyn indie rock quintet Baked, will appeal to fans of Crazy Horse-era Neil Young, with its high, mournful singing, country-ish clean guitar interplay, and a pair of fuzzed-out climaxes that bring to mind “Cowgirl in the Sand” or “Cinnamon Girl.” “Stay” is also the first Baked song written by and featuring keyboardist Isabella Mingione on vocals. In a statement to SPIN, Mingione said that “Stay” is about “feeling left behind by the most important aspects of your life and not wanting to lose that stability.”

Farnham, Baked’s forthcoming second album, is the first they’ll release since guitarist RJ Gordon joined Titus Andronicus as bassist. (He also engineered and contributed vocals to their 2015 opus The Most Lamentable Tragedy.) The record is out February 24 via Exploding In Sound, and they’re playing a release show at Brooklyn’s Shea Stadium with Honduras, Grass Is Green, and Hound that evening. Hear “Stay” below.