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Mastodon Release Creepy, Goofy Videos Teasing New Music

Atlanta-based metal group and Game of Thrones co-stars Mastodon have released two videos that hint at a new album being in the works. The first features a band member with his face blurred and voice distorted to disguise his identity (his tattoos are left uncovered, so feel free to ID him based on those and let us know) talking in extremely vague terms about recording new music. According to the band member, the new record will include “ all different kinds of music: world music, R&B, heavy metal, celtic music, music to dance to… music to do yoga.” He later confirms that the music will be released, but says he “can’t talk about” the actual release date.

The second clip shows bassist and singer Troy Sanders preparing for a new Mastodon record in a similar fashion to how “a Navy SEAL, to a Marine” might (the clip shows him running around in the woods garbed in camouflage and green makeup). “Have I prepared myself to record a new Mastodon album? Am I prepared? That is the question.”

Watch both clips below.