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Press Secretary Sean Spicer Says Donald Trump Met Martin Luther King Jr. “Just the Other Day”

Volume 2, Page 116, Picture,6, Martin Luther King (1929-1968) US clergyman, civil rights leader, and Nobel prize winner, pictured at a press conference in London, England in September 1964. (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images)

From this afternoon:

April Ryan: You’ve talked a long time yesterday on the issue of race and I wanted to ask you a couple of things. I’ve spoken to the current head of the NAACP who’s accusing this current administration of something called stereotyping by omission, saying that the president has met with athletes and entertainers, but yet has not met with civil rights leaders. And during his inauguration speech, he talked about inner cities, urban areas being riddled with gang violence and drugs. What is the agenda, what are you planning when it comes to…

Press Secretary Sean Spicer: April, I mean just the other day, he sat down with Martin Luther King Jr…

Ryan, who is the Washington bureau chief of American Urban Radio Networks, politely reminded Spicer that King Jr. and King III, the man Trump actually met with, are two different people. But so far, Spicer’s press strategy has been the real life equivalent of tweeting through it, and so he ignored Ryan’s correction and continued onward with his answer, even as Ryan’s colleagues in the room continued to point out in disbelief that, again, Martin Luther King Jr. and Martin Luther King III are not the same person.