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Kellyanne Conway Has Another Thing in Common With Die Antwoord

On the day Donald Trump became President of the United States of America, Twitter looked around in desperation for a meme-able source of comic relief. It found Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway’s $3,600 Gucci coat dress, which might be rather fetching if it weren’t paired with such a repugnant moral compass, or that hat. The internet variously described her outfit as a nutcracker figurine, or a historical re-enactor, or a doll-sized historical re-enactor, or Paddington Bear.

“Oh, it’s just Gucci,” Conway told NBC. “It’s Trump revolutionary wear.”

But Conway isn’t the only person to celebrate the transformation of shameful parody into inexplicable success with a gaudy Gucci marching band uniform. Yolandi Visser, one half of South African shock-value rap duo Die Antwoord, Instagrammed herself wearing the very same coat just six weeks ago.

The coat deserved better.