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Here’s a Kickstarter for a Strap to Hold Your AirPods Together

AirPods, Apple’s new Bluetooth earbud monocles, look easy to lose. Since they cost $159 and replacements aren’t cheap, you’re gonna try to hang on to them. A new product seeking funding on Kickstarter promises to help you do that: PodStraps, a neckband with loops on each end to secure earbuds by their “tails.”

The PodStrap is a new offering from BudStraps, makers of clippy neckbands for ordinary wired earbuds, which found success on Kickstarter in 2014. You’ll have to pledge at least $15 to get a PodStrap, assuming the new campaign reaches its $7,500 funding goal by February 20. (They come in dark gray or a Nike-like neon green.)

The inventors of PodStraps aren’t the only people struggling to keep track of their new AirPods: A third-party app called Finder for AirPods uses Bluetooth signal strength to guide users towards a lost ‘Pod. Its creator came up with the idea, he told MacRumors, after he lost an AirPod their very first day out the box. Unfortunately, the app can only work at Bluetooth range, and it’s no help at all if the lost earbud has a dead battery.

Innovation in 2017: reverse engineering things we used to take for granted, like headphone bands and 3.5mm jacks. Alternatively, you can just tuck your AirPods into your gauged ear piercings: