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Great Rapper Kendrick Lamar Releases Bad Sneaker in the Name of “Unity and Equality”

Kendrick Lamar’s music needs no introduction. But as great as Kendrick the rapper is, Kendrick the person has one giant, glaring flaw: his love of bad sneakers. Today, he announced another collaboration with Reebok for a new line of sneakers. It’s a spin on the brand’s Club C line, the standard casual-classy sneaker you picture when you think of a shoe most likely to be worn by a millionaire athlete.

Here is a picture of the shoe:

Great Rapper Kendrick Lamar Releases Bad Sneaker in the Name of

The shoes look like papier-mâchéd newsprint. The shoes look like hastily-erased pencil marks. The shoes look like a pen exploded in Kendrick’s pocket, and then the ink leaked down his leg to stain the shoe, and when he looked down at this bichromatic mess, he shrugged and said, “I’m late.” The shoes will retail at an unannounced price. I’m not a big fan of the shoes.

The announcement of the shoe was accompanied by an equally overwrought statement in which Kendrick—genuinely thoughtful, borderline revolutionary artist he is—detailed how the shoes came to be, and what the shoes stand for.

“Now more than ever it is important for individuals to come together as one,” he said. “This sneaker represents that call for unity and equality, while also pushing people to look beneath the surface and uncover the hidden messages. This is something I try to do with my music, and now here with the Club C.” The black-and-white motif is meant “to represent equality within society and coming together as one,” according to the same press release.

The shoes are not going to convert racists. [Hot New Hip-Hop]