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Goodbye Vine, Hello “Vine Camera”

The announcement of Vine’s shuttering came in late October: Fans and users of the app spent a week or more in mourning, sharing their favorite pieces of fine artwork from the three-year-old, Twitter-owned platform. There was some intimation, following the apocalyptic news, that the app would continue in some form, in addition to concern about the future of the extant Vine archive.

Now, Vine has offered answers to both of these questions in a FAQ post on their Help site: On January 17th, Vine as we know it will disappear. The old site will become “an archive” for old Vines—unclear if it’s all of them, though—and Vine freaks will have to scratch their itch by downloading a new app called Vine Camera.

Vine Camera will allow users to make 6.5-second looping videos, which can be posted to Twitter or downloaded to your phone’s camera archive. You cannot, as before, download your Vine or other users’ Vines once they have been posted.

It sounds sad, and it is. What’s worse than the advent of this new Vine-lite is the fact that grieving users have from now until January 17th to download their old Vines separately, or ask for the company to email an archive. Get on it now, and get it over with.