Watch the Icky, Surreal Trailer for Flying Lotus’s New Movie Kuso

(Photo by Flying Lotus / YouTube)

One of the more wild-card, big-name entries this year at the Sundance Film Festival is a new film by Flying Lotus called Kuso. Deadline just premiered a trailer for the film, which screens at Sundance tomorrow as a part of their Midnight series, and it’s easy to tell why from the surreal, thoroughly gross/grotesque trailer. The ensemble film, which FlyLo wrote with David Firth (yes, that’s the Salad Fingers guy), delves into the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in L.A., and stars Hannibal Burress, Tim Heidecker, Anders Holm, Iesha Coston, Zack Fox, The Buttress, and the one and only George Clinton. Watch the teaser below.


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