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FKA twigs Premieres New Song “Trust in Me” in New Nike Ad

Nike has named FKA twigs Creative Director for NikeWomen’s new Spring Zonal Strength Tights campaign, which means the company gets the benefit of having new twigs content. Today sees the premiere of a two-minute ad called “do you believe in more?,” which features twigs plus a cast of dancers and athletes performing her characteristically tight choreography. The video also features a haunting new twigs song titled, “Trust in Me,” co-produced by Oneohtrix Point Never and Motion Graphics. She spoke about making the piece through a statement on Nike’s website.

“I made the song in the campaign film, “Trust In Me,” before I got approached about this project,” the statement says. “I realized it would be perfect, because the lyrics say, “Put your trust in me.” In a way, we’re asking people to look at me and the other amazing athletes in the video and trust the way we are. We’ve worked hard to perfect our crafts and create our own destinies, and we’re feeling good in our bodies.”

Watch “do you believe in more?” below.