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D.R.A.M. Gives His Friends “Broccoli” in New PETA Endorsement Ad

As of today, D.R.A.M. has officially mined the “broccoli” double-entendre that drove his Top 5 hit with Lil Yachty this past year for all its worth. Let’s just hope the other notable hip-hop figures who have made prominent use of the slang term (“broccoli” as lingo for ganja) don’t get too upset about it.

At least D.R.A.M. has murdered the slang term’s cool factor for a good cause, though. The Virginia-born rapper/singer—an expert in all things feel-good—stars in a new PETA promotional clip, in which he brings his buddies real broccoli instead of weed, to their delight. He calls it things like “that real ‘dro, like from back in the day,” before revealing that he got it from his “plug…at the farmer’s market…this little white-haired lady.”

Of the collaboration, PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange told Billboard: “There’s nothing healthier than an abundance of greenery…PETA hopes D.R.A.M. inspires people everywhere to start steaming up that broccoli — and that kale, chard and spinach, too.”

Watch the clip below.