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Charlotte Church Turned Down “Tyrant” Donald Trump’s Invitation to Perform at His Inauguration

Two prospective performers at Donald Trump’s inauguration have been crossover classical singers: Jackie Evancho (who is confirmed) and Andrea Bocelli (who backed out). One wondered whether someone else working in this idiom might be roped in to the proceedings. Josh Groban seemed like a tall order—too high-profile, and against mixing politics and music. Turn-of-the-millennium classical-pop sensation Charlotte Church seemed like a morereasonable possibility; she had performed at George W. Bush’s festivities in 2001, after all.

But as it turns out, people change. This morning, via Twitter, Church said she’d been asked to perform in D.C. next weekend, and firmly refused the invitation.

Taking it right to the president-elect is fairly direct, but these days, Church is an outspoken liberal who has been active in protesting austerity measures in the UK, where she lives. Amongst other things, she was critical of the Trump-supported Brexit, tweeting in July to call Nigel Farage a “piece of shit.”